Home Damage: Exposed Electrical Connection

Texan Inspection Home Inspector Finds Exposed Electrical Connections Near Furnace Gas Line Here is an interesting photo of exposed electrical connections that should be in a covered junction box. These exposed connections, which could easily arc, are right up against the furnace gas line and ignitor. This was found in a new construction home. [...]

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Drone footage during a Texan Inspection home inspection shows damage appearing to have been caused by improper material installed on the roof surface. The surface has little to no pitch. Roofing materials designed for flat roofs should have been installed. Notice the two adjacent units have the correct material installed. Consider Texan Inspection for [...]

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Advanced Drone Technology Detects Hidden Roof Damage

Beautiful trees offer tremendous complements to our yards and properties. They are aesthetically pleasing and they offer much needed shade during the hot summer. Plus, they support a thriving ecosystem for a wide variety of species of birds, squirrels, lizards and more. This multifaceted appeal enhances value when it comes to selling a [...]

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5 Things to Look for Before Selecting a Home Inspector

Getting a home inspection is a critical step on the path to purchasing a new home. A home is likely one of the biggest investments you will ever make, so selecting the right home inspector is extremely important. Here are five things to look for when selecting a home inspector: 1 - Experience [...]

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Double Tapped Electric Panel

In this video from Texan Inspection, learn about how to deal with a double tapped panel. Video Transcript Hello once again everybody this is Brian Richards with Texan Inspection services. I'm inspecting a main Panel and I noticed that the main breaker has been double tapped, where the service wires come in [...]

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Sealing Nail Heads on Roof

In this video from Texan Inspection, learn about how to ensure your home will never get any water leakage. Video Transcript hello everyone this is Bryan Richards with Texan inspection services I am performing an inspection over here in Katy Texas. I am currently on the roof, one thing we look for [...]

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Exposed Wire with Trent Barnes

In this video from Texan Inspection, learn the do's and don'ts about wire placement in your home with Trent Barnes! Video Transcript: Hey everyone this is Trent with Texan Inspection we got something a little unusual today we're actually at a condominium which is about 40 years old. It's an old apartment [...]

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Federal Pacific Electrical Panel

In this video from Texan Inspection, learn why this 1980s home panel has been written off for years. Video Transcript Good morning everybody this is Brian Richards with Texan inspection services. I am performing an inspection on a home that was built in the 1980s part of the inspection process is to [...]

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Annual Home Maintenance Checklist

Maintain Your Home Throughout the Year Click Image for Full Size Printable PDF Texan Inspection Services, L.L.P. recommends homeowners do a number of maintenance items on a regular basis to keep their home safe and in good condition. Doing this also increases the resale value of your home and minimizes unexpected expenses when you [...]

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Heat Pump vs. Conventional Air Conditioner

What Houston Area Homebuyers Need to Know Heat pump vs. conventional air conditioner? Houston area homebuyers have a choice to make when it comes to cooling and heating their new homes. Heat pump vs. conventional air conditioner? Which should you choose? What is the difference? What are the benefits of each? A general understanding [...]

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