Understanding Foundations from Houston Area Home Inspector: Managing Moisture Levels on Clay-Based Soils

Houston Area Home Inspector, Texan Inspection, knows that foundations in our area require specific attention to managing moisture levels as they rest primarily on clay-based soils. Clay-based soils have expansion and contraction characteristics that can be a challenge to homeowners when it comes to maintaining the foundations of their homes. When clay-based soil is [...]

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IR Pic of Properly Calibrated Oven

Technology Reveals Hidden Findings  At Texan Inspection, we believe in harnessing the power of technology for accurate home inspections. Our qualified home inspector recently made a fascinating discovery using an infrared camera.  During an inspection, we detected an improperly calibrated oven that would have gone unnoticed without this advanced tool. The infrared camera helped [...]

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Texan Inspection Services – Hidden Control Panel

Join us for Trent’s Tip of the Day and learn exactly where NOT to put a control panel! Video Transcript: Hey everyone Trent with Texan Inspection here in a 1971 how your built house and it's been remodeled one of the things you need to look for whenever you're buying an older [...]

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