DIY How To Check For Cracked Foundation

In this video from Texan Inspection, learn how to check your home for a cracked foundation. Video Transcript Hi I'm Trent with Texan inspection services to talk to you that today about foundations. Real quick let me show you something that I found on a house I did today, it's a crack [...]

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DIY How To Replace Refrigerator Water Filter

Replacing your fridge’s water filter is easier than you think and can dramatically improve the taste of your drinking water. Video Transcript A commonly overlooked home maintenance item is replacing an old water filter in your refrigerator. If the indicator light is showing orange or red then now is the time to [...]

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Annual Home Maintenance Checklist

Maintain Your Home Throughout the Year Click Image for Full Size Printable PDF Texan Inspection Services, L.L.P. recommends homeowners do a number of maintenance items on a regular basis to keep their home safe and in good condition. Doing this also increases the resale value of your home and minimizes unexpected expenses when you [...]

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Heat Pump vs. Conventional Air Conditioner

What Houston Area Homebuyers Need to Know Heat pump vs. conventional air conditioner? Houston area homebuyers have a choice to make when it comes to cooling and heating their new homes. Heat pump vs. conventional air conditioner? Which should you choose? What is the difference? What are the benefits of each? A general understanding [...]

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