Tips from Houston Home Inspectors: Winterizing your Home

Winter Home

As a group of Greater Houston area home inspectors, we see a lot of weather related issues with the homes we inspect, but Houston is very fortunate in that it doesn’t have extremely cold temperatures. It is pretty rare that we have freezing temperatures that last more than a day or two. That being said, it is still very important that homeowners take a few steps to protect their home from possible freeze damage, reduce their energy bills, and keep the home more comfortable. Here are three Houston home inspector tips to help area homeowners stay warm, conserve energy, and protect their homes during a freeze.

Doors and Windows

Eliminating as many air leaks as possible around windows and doors is a big step in improving energy efficiency and making you more comfortable in the home.

Feel around the edges of all windows and doors with your hands to locate drafts or air movement. You can also use an incense stick. The smoke movement will tell you where the drafts are originating.

Replace weather stripping as needed and use caulk to seal the smaller gaps.

The exterior doors have thresholds and sweeps that can also be worn or missing. These should be replaced as needed.

Heating system

Have your heating system inspected by a professional to verify its performance and safety. It is very important that gas systems be venting properly to safely remove combustion gases from the home.

Change all filters

If you are in a rural area and have propane fueled systems then make sure to fill your tank.

Replace batteries and test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms.

Plumbing System

All outdoor plumbing pipes should be insulated. It’s also very important to check in uninsulated attics or crawl spaces for plumbing piping that need to be insulated. These indoor pipes are the most dangerous because if they burst there is significant water damage inside the home.

Seal any holes or gaps in walls near plumbing pipes with caulk or expanding foam.

Cover or insulate exterior hose bibs. There are covers that are designed specifically for these purposes.

Turn off the water to your sprinkler system and drain water and pressure in the system.

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