While conducting your home inspection, Texan Inspection will inspect toilets to verify proper operation. Toilets require maintenance in order to flush properly and refill the tank reservoir. This can greatly reduce the amount of water used which saves you money and is environmentally friendly. If not properly maintained, toilets can be a potential leak hazard for your home. Careful attention should be paid to toilet operation during the home inspection.

Any suggested repairs will be clearly reported on the inspection report. You will have a clear understanding of what repairs are needed as our home inspector wants to minimize any surprises.

In most cases, any repairs that are necessary are fairly inexpensive and can me done by you. One of the most frequently needed repairs that is discovered through toilet inspection is adjusting the toilet fill valve. We have provided you with a tip on how to best make this adjustment.

Video Transcript

Do you have a toilet that always seems to be running? This is sometimes caused by a fill valve that has been set too high, which causes the water level to be higher than the overflow tube. All fill valves are adjustable. Here are a couple of common examples.

This one can be adjusted with a screwdriver. And this one is adjusted by moving the float up or down manually. Because a water level that is too low may cause a weak or improper flush, you will want to check to make sure that the water fills to the appropriate line in the tank and readjust if needed.

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