Picture of front door of home that has delaminating at the base of the door found during a home inspection by home inspectors Texan Insspection

Texan Inspection, your trusted home inspectors in the Houston area, recently uncovered a concerning problem during an inspection:
Delaminating Decorative Front Door Wood. 😲🚪

With 20 years of experience, we know that neglected issues like this can lead to significant problems:

-Compromised Security: Delaminating wood weakens the door’s structure, making it vulnerable to break-ins and reducing your home’s security.

-Energy Loss: Gaps in the wood allow air to seep in and out, affecting your home’s insulation and leading to increased energy bills.

-Water Damage: Moisture can seep into the delaminated wood, causing rot, mold, and deterioration over time.

-Aesthetic Impact: A damaged front door can diminish your home’s curb appeal and make a negative first impression.

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