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Our inspector was very thorough, and made us feel very comfortable and well informed with everything he found and how to get those issues resolved.
Janice Rivera – 10/26/17

On time, professional, very knowledgeable, great recommendations for action. Completely satisfied. Will recommend to all friends.
Rick Bruder – 10/23/17

We had a great experience with TIS when purchasing our new home. The office staff were helpful over the phone and our inspector, Brian, was great. Brian was very efficient and thorough and earned our trust quickly. He didn’t mind me following him around and asking A LOT of questions during the process. He took time to educate me, answer questions, offer advice, etc. Scheduling and payment were easy, inspection report was delivered promptly and the cost was reasonable. We would definitely use TIS again and wouldn’t give it a second thought.
Robert Marmerstein – 8/07/17

The inspector was very professional and helped answer any questions I had throughout the process. If you are looking for anyone to do a home inspection I would pick them every time.
The Masons – 5/22/17

Texas Inspection Services were quick to respond, gave us the time we needed. Trent, the inspector, was knowledgeable and professional. We could not be happier!
Gracie Aguilar – 2/14/17

Competitive prices and excellent service!! My Inspector, Jason, was prompt and diligent. They are thorough and organized; we scheduled our inspection for the next day and the report was ready later that SAME day. Absolutely amazing service.
John Morales – 1/31/17

Dear Charles,   Thanks you for doing such a thorough inspection and for sending the report so quickly!
All the best,
Venee – 1/16/17

Trent has been very helpful in all phases of the construction. He promptly provided the report even included minor issues. I highly recommend Texan Inspections Services.
Nagarjun D. – 12/14/16

Thanks. Great job on this by your inspector. We appreciate the thorough inspection and spending the time to explain the findings while on site.
Charles – 12/9/16

It was very easy to set up appointment. I got as quick as very next day. Very professional service. I was present there half way person showed me everything in detail. He mention good and bad stuff inside the home. I would recommend them for your inspection need.
Harish Thanki – 11/22/16

Our experience with Texan Inspection Services was fantastic, Trent was very professional and extremely detailed. We feel very comfortable buying our house, and knowing what we are getting. If we need to do an inspection again, Trent will be my first call.
Darryl Martin – 11/21/16

Texan Inspection provided very service. Mr. Trent is very friendly, did thorough inspection & always came in timely manner.
Narendra Shah – 11/17/16

Matthew Staley was very professional and took the time to explain everything. Highly recommend these guys!
Andrew Kottlowski – 11/15/16

Our inspector Brian was thorough, kind, and very knowledge able. We really felt confident with the inspection he provided us on our new potential home in the Rosenberg area!
Riana Fletcher – 11/2/16

Texas Inspection did amazing job on our home inspection and provided inspection report promptly.
Alif Patel – 11/1/16

Over all good. Scheduled on the same day and the inspector was on time. Performed through inspection and noted even the minor issues.
Uno Erudite – 10/28/16

Very friendly people, professional service! Highly recommend!
Michelle Wang – 10/27/16

Thanks so much, Brian.
I really appreciate your work. Excellent Job! I will definitely refer you and your company to people that I know.
Vijay – 10/25/16

Perfect! Matthew is so efficient and professional! He arrived earlier than our appointment time. When I arrived the house, he already start the inspection. Definitely I will recommend him to my friends.
– 10/20/16

Trent as nice and very thorough. Timeliness of appointment and inspector were both appreciated.
Kathleen McAndrews – 10/17/16

Matthew is a very thorough and I am very confident to can say he is best home inspector in Houston area. Truly, he inspects each house as if it is his own. Matthew is a very skilled, kind and professional home inspector with all the equipment needed to perform the inspection. He gave me good advice not only to correct a few problems but also to prevent a few others. His reports are easy to understand and very clear. If you need a home inspected top to bottom, I highly recommend Matthew! I would recommend Texas Inspection services Check to anybody in need of a home inspection in the Houston and around areas.
Ravinder Katanguri – 10/12/16

We were seeking to buy a home and called on Texan Inspection Services to complete a structural/mechanical and pool inspection. Matt did a wonderful job and was very thorough. The inspection took almost 4 hours to complete. I was especially impressed with the infra-red examinations. he was even able to tell us the stove needed to be re-calibrated as it was off about 15 degrees. They also arranged to have the wood-damaging insect inspection done at the same time. We are thankful the examination was so thorough, because the owners were not willing to make repairs necessary and we did not buy the home. We avoided a potentially costly mistake. We plan to use them again to inspect another home in the same area.
Steve Schmerbeck – 10/8/16

Thank you Texan Inspection services for a great job in providing excellent service with our home inspection twice – one before we closed our home and again before expiration of our builder’s warranty. The inspector did a thorough job and was really proficient and an expert in his field.
Mithun Singla – 9/30/16

Matthew Staley with TIS did a phenomenal job inspecting our future home. We were very impressed with the time he dedicated to performing a thorough examination of every aspect of our home. Mr. Staley clearly explained the findings in his report at the end of his inspection with us and gave us the opportunity to express our own concerns with the home. From the exterior, interior, roof, plumbing, electrical, flood damage, HVAC.. to you name it, if there’s a problem in your house TIS will find it rest assured. Thank you TIS for a great inspection. We will recommend to all our family and friends!
Jose Valdez – 9/23/16

I would like to thank Matthew for the work that we just finished! All three phases were made so easy by Matthew and the team at the office. They all were exceptionally responsive to all questions or concerns about the house that I had. Matthew was very patient with me and explained everything so that even I could understand what was going on. He was even kind enough to answer questions in between appointments, which gave me even more peace of mind since this was the first home I build from dirt. I would definitely use Texan Inspection again and tell everyone I know to also use them! Great experience and I rarely give such high marks!!!! Thanks!!!
Melissa Paige – 9/17/16

Jason was punctual, thorough and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions. The report was also very helpful. Thank you!
Marie-Solange Benedict – 8/24/16

They are good at what they do 🙂
Massih Shafi – 8/16/16

Just had my final home inspection done. Mr Trent Barnes gave the best service. He went and looked at all small details and took pics of all that need to fixed. Came on time, was available on a Saturday, had shoe cover on and was professional. Will recommend him to my friends.
Jobin Varghese – 8/14/16

You guys did a great job. These guys are already working to resolve the deficient items.
Alexander – 7/28/16

Hi Trent, I’d be happy to return feedback . We are extremely pleased with your work and found the report to be thorough. We have known our realtor for many years and very much trust his judgement. He was also extremely pleased with the work preformed and will be adding you to his list of recommendations for future clients and colleagues.
Thank you for your time,
Michelle – 7/19/16

Jason, Thank you very much for the report, very thorough. Appreciate it, especially for accommodating my schedule in such a short notice.
I Hope you have a great weekend.
Moises – 6/10/16

Thanks Jason. I appreciate you spending the time to walk me through your findings and explaining how they could be remediated. Thanks for showing up at the scheduled time and you were done at the estimated time. The inspection report appears thorough and in sufficient detail for my builder to action.
Charles – 5/26/16

Brian, We have received the report and will forward the findings to our builder. Thanks so much for your thorough review. It was awesome working with you and your amazing team. I will definitely complete the survey. You guys have been nothing short of amazing!
Hope to see you in 11 months for the follow up inspection.
Blessings to all,
Scharra and Kefimba – 5/19/16

Thank you SO MUCH Matthew for all of your time, thoroughness and expertise today! And patience… It was a full house!
Much appreciated!
You were so professional, but helpful and friendly! Really helped the process go smoothly. Thank you again!
Rachel – 4/13/16

Thank you sir. Impressive great work. Very educational respectful. Illustrated reference pictures of items needed improvement.
Dolyal – 2/16/16

Texan Inspection Service is worth every penny. They are responsive, have quick turnaround time in terms of providing reports (less than 24 hours) and detail oriented. We had our home inspected from foundation to final home tour in 3 parts and are highly satisfied with their recommendation and pictured reports. It proves very helpful and gives peace of mind for new construction as well as built-in home buyers/owners. Our inspector was Matthew Staley and he was very patient and answered all questions we had no matter how small/relevant/irrelevant they were inspection-wise and also responded to emails in between inspection whenever we emailed with any question/doubts. I would also recommend to go with WDI inspection they offer for additional charge since its very helpful to know potential ways termite/insects could get into house depending on way house is built, how old construction is, if form-boards were left visible/stuck deep down at time foundation was laid, check moisture level or if soil line was too high or too low. It might be easy for someone who have knowledge on termites/insects infection. However, we personally found it very insightful as first time home buyers.
Bhavikhushbu Mehta – 1/13/16

We had our inspection done on new construction, and I am very glad we did. The inspector did an extremely thorough job and we were able to catch some issues that would have been very tough to fix after completion and close of the house.
B. Estrade – 12/14/15

The inspection company publishes their prices online, so there are no surprises there. Their inspector arrived early for our appointment, and was thorough in what he did. There were many things that he noted/pointed out that I would not have know to look for. The price to have your home reinspected is lower than the initial inspection, which makes it realistic to have work on your home checked. From the inspector’s report, I was able to check again, and know what to look for to insure that work (promised to be completed when the inspector indicated that some work was still not completed) continued to be done until completed in a satisfactory manner.
Walter Westbrook – 12/13/15

Amazing experience!! They were very fast and gave me a detailed report of the inspection. I am a first time home buyer and must say that in this entire process the most pleasant experience I’ve had was with Texan Inspection Services! Make sure to call them and set up your appointment!
Alejandra Bravo – 11/20/15

Brian, Thank you very much for providing such an explanatory pre-pour inspection report for the subject property in such a expeditious manner. This email is to let you know that I have received your below email and forwarded to the builder for correcting the identified deficiencies.
Tika – 10/28/15

New build – Brian came out on time and performed a thorough inspection of the property before we closed. Took the time to review all the details and explain the findings at the home prior to issuing the final report. Very professional, polite. We were recommended by our realtor and will certainly contact TIS again prior to our home warranty ending to perform another complete inspection.
Nik Patel – 8/20/15

Very Satisfied, Quality inspection, Timely report, Competitive Pricing for new homes!! We had Matthew Staley inspect our house on 7/23/2015. I was recommended his name by one of my colleagues. Our house is being built, so this was the first of the 2 inspections – pre-dry wall inspection. We were very satisfied with his services as he was very detailed and spent about an hour and half inspecting a 3000 sqft property. We accompanied him for the inspection, so he was able to walk us through all the items mentioned in the report. His findings were very thorough and covered various areas including electrical, venting, foundation, roofing, framework, exterior of house, the garage, etc. He also emailed me the report with pictures and description of the findings just a couple hours after the inspection…which was very much appreciated! We would like to thank him for his excellent service! I would definitely recommend him to friends!
Ankita Gandhi – 7/30/15

Brian did a great job for all the inspections of my house. I am going to need another inspection of the property.
Hemant – 7/13/15

Brian, Thank you so much for your thorough inspection. I appreciate you explaining everything in a simple form for me to understand.
Kelli & Chris – 6/11/15

Excellent service for this anxious first-time homebuyer, from scheduling with Kathleen to the inspection itself. Trent inspected my house. I wasn’t in town that week. Trent called to update me on the status when on site, and coordinated to meet with my realtor. The report is thorough, and recommendations neutral.
Wenwei H. – 5/26/15

We are building our first home. Charles came out and did a very thorough inspection. My husband and I were very impressed from calling to let us know about his impending arrival to all of the details that he looked for, commented on and informed us on. It was a pleasure being there for 3 hours while he did this for us. I highly recommend calling on Texas Inspection for your next home inspection.
Leah Wilson – 5/13/15

Brian, Thank you very much for the report and inspection – this will definitely help me to assess my part of duties to keep the house in shape.
Uday – 4/24/15

I just had an inspection with Matthew Staley today and even though it is a new construction very happy with the inspection. Being a new home there’s not too many defiancies but Matthew was very very very detailed. He identified many items my wife and I had not seen due to excitement of new home. The inspection was very detailed and Matthew even saved us a re inspection visit because he waited a few more minutes giving the builders electrician time for last minute findings. Very pleased with results, second time using them and it won’t be the last and definitely appreciate the clarity and thoroughness of Matthew!!!
Victor Flores – 4/17/15

Trent Barnes was the inspector of our house. He was very professional and thorough in his work. He was able to answer any questions I had, and did a wonderful job.
Nathan Luna – 4/8/15

The agent and I can raise with the seller as a result of your inspection, so the report should pay for itself many times over!
Best Regards,
Kevin – 3/20/15

The inspector (Mathew S.) was very thorough and professional. He took the time to explain the findings in his report right there after the inspection, prior to his sending this the next day. Thanks to Texan Inspection Services for the services rendered. Regards,
Nathan A. – 2/25/15

Very thorough. We will see what can be negotiated moving forward. Thank you very much, I won’t hesitate to recommend you to others.
Sam – 1/26/15

Thanks a million Brian!
Paige – 10/27/14

Good morning Charles, Thanks for the detailed inspection. We highly appreciate!
 We will go through the report with the realtor, and come back to you if we have any questions.
 Thanks & Best regards,
Caroline & Dan – 9/29/14

Thanks again for being so responsive to getting this inspection done so quickly (and again professionally by Charles) given the uncertainly due to the sellers signing contracts.
If you are ever in need of a client testimonial feel free to cut & paste any of my comments.
Paul – 8/28/14

Matthew, Thank you for your excellent and lightning fast service! The clients and I will certainly recommend your company whenever possible.
Take care,
Trish – 8/7/14

Trent, I was extremely impressed with the thoroughness of the home inspection process and with your personal attention to detail. You answered all of my questions and were able to provide insight on the foundation system that I would not otherwise have known. The added use of infrared technology provided further assurance that we are purchasing a quality home with no ‘hidden’ problems.
Thanks again and please let me know if there is a public forum in which I can provide a positive review of your services.
Kevin – 7/22/14

I wanted to say that Brent was great and I’m very thankful that he took the time to answer my questions and point out the things that he noticed. Thank you!
Matthew – 5/7/14

I had my home inspected by Brent and he was great. He was very thorough and offered me a lot of insight into my new home. He was very friendly and made sure I understood what he was communicating to me about the house. Great experience.
Scott Jones – 10/26/17

We had a very pleasant experience with this company from day one. The office staff were courteous, prompt, and accomodating. Matthew, our inspector, was always punctual, nice, thorough, and knowledgeable through all three stages of our inspection. Appointments were easy to schedule and they don’t charge exorbitantly unlike other companies. Great value and great service – highly recommended!
Pamela Santos – 10/02/17

Prompt and on time!!!! Fast friendly and very thorough. Would recommend did an outstanding job. Very professional.
Florence Washington – 5/24/17

Mr. Matthew Staley inspected the house i am looking to purchase. He documented all the deficiencies inside the house in detail and at the same time was easy to understand. After inspecting the house he explained all the deficiencies in person and pointed out the major ones i need to be concerned about in near future. I got my existing house inspected from them. Hence, it was not a difficult decision to find an inspection company for my second house. I would definitely recommend Texan Inspection Services to my friends and family.
Salim Keshwani – 4/10/17

Bryan was great. He took the time to answer all of our questions and was very thorough. Would definitely recommend to anyone.
Marianne Whaley – 2/7/17

My Husband is very pleased with Matthew Staley inspection. Matthew answered all questions my husband had, I’m glad I chosen them as our inspector. GREAT JOB!!
Steffanie Nario – 1/17/17

Our inspector Matt was prompt, professional and extremely thorough! We were very impressed with how much about the home he inspected and the information he provided in the report. He walked us through each area he checked and thoroughly explained what he found and his professional recommendations for each area of concern. Extra bonus that he was able to inspect the pool AND the sprinkler system! They were also able to setup the termite inspector for us as well. We are very pleased with this company’s work and their knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend this company.
Beckie Carter – 12/28/16

Trent did a very good job of inspecting my new home and found items that needed to be fixed or corrected. Trent Provided well documented inspection reports that I was able to send over to my builder to correct.
Krishna Mulani – 12/12/16

Brian came out and gave a good overview of the house.
D. William Cho – 11/22/16

I scheduled an inspection with Texan Inspection Services, including house, termite, infrared scanning & termite inspection. My inspector, Trent was awesome! He arrived early, after 2 hours of thorough inspections (including climbing up to the roof), Trent prepared the report right way and gave us detailed explanation of all his findings and observations. I highly recommend Texan Inspection Services. Thank you for your professional service!
Lynn McMahon – 11/18/16

The Inspector was very thorough. He came in and immediately started performing the job. He met all of my expectations. Once he was completed, he took the time to go over the report and was readily prepared to answer all my questions. I HIGHLY recommend Texan Inspection Services.
Kendris Cooper – 11/17/16

Inspector was extremely thorough, went over everything and made sure I understood what each thing meant, as well as recommending different solutions to me. Very friendly. Would highly recommend!
Justin Wright – 11/3/16

Thank you. Y’all did an amazing job. I backed out of the house due to all the concerns y’all addressed and the owner was unwilling to negotiate.
Robert – 11/1/16

Texan Inspection Services folks were very professional in handling our queries and clarified all points very thoroughly to make us understand and provide real pictures specially insulation through infrared sensors.
Sunil Rohilla – 11/1/16

Matt discussed our inspection report in details and was very pleasant to work with! Thank you for your service!
JT Tr – 10/28/16

Matthew was very helpful and very thorough. Will definitely be using him again.
Laura Ashley – 10/27/16

I had a very good impression of Texas Inspection. They were responsive, courteous, & on time in their commitment to render inspection services.
Farook Khan – 10/21/16

Professional, on time and very well presented
Guillermo Rojas – 10/19/16

Matthew has done home inspections for many of my clients, so of course I used him to inspect the home that I am purchasing. He was extremely thorough and took the time to go through the entire report with me. Wouldn’t use any other company, Texas Inspection is the best.
Alyssa DeLeon – 10/15/16

The inspector was very thorough, very knowledgeable, and extremely personable. He answered all my questions and gave many helpful pointers. The report produced was complete and comprehensive. Totally satisfied, will definitely recommend.
G. Ferguson – 10/11/16

The inspector did everything he could do to inspect every inch of our house. He had a great understanding of home construction, and answered all my questions. He was very thorough, and a joy to work with. I would recommend Texan Inspection.
Todd Rapp – 10/5/16

Amazing service. They did a great job writing the final report and explaining their findings and possible solutions. I highly recommend them.
Claudia Boyer – 9/26/16

As a first time home buyer Matthew S. from Texan Inspection Services was amazing! He stayed until both my husband and my realtor arrived to the property. He was very in depth about everything and he answered any question we had. I look forward to using Texan Inspection Services again on my next home and I will definitely recommend Matthew to anyone needing a home inspection.
Maritza Martinez – 9/22/16

Jason, Thank you so much for your thorough inspection. Looking forward the final inspection in the near future.
Nora – 8/29/16

On time, professional, knowledgeable! Thank you Brian R. for all your hard work and know how!
The Texas Almaguers – 8/23/16

Jason sure is a nice guy, a pleasure to work with. We appreciate his input.
Thanks for your assistance with this. Have a good afternoon!
Cheryl – 8/15/16

Thank you Jason.  You did a fantastic job.
Best Regards,
Monica – 7/28/16

The best Inspection works. We love the time frame and performance duty.
Vu Tien Lap – 7/26/16

Good Morning Brian, WOW!! AWESOME and VERY DETAILED Report! I can’t express how much I appreciate you for coming out, and taking time to explain things in ways that helped me to understand the process. This is my first home, and I must say that you have been a tremendous support during this process. I will most definitely leave a review, because I have been blessed to have such an Awesome Inspector who has done a Fantastic Job!
The ladies in the office are amazing as well. Great Company!
Great Job Brian!
Lori – 6/15/16

Fletcher and I will be doing the survey as we both are extremely grateful for your professionalism,  expertise and thoroughness with our home inspection. It has been such a pleasure working with you.
Fletcher and Judy – 5/27/16

Inspector Matthew Staley did an excellent work in inspecting my home today. He is very detail oriented, going through each and every single item per their checklist and per our suggestion. He offered advice on how to handle and follow up on the defects, of course, very professionally. We are very pleased to have him help us.
Fancheng Zou – 5/25/16

I was not present at the inspection but my husband was. He stated that the inspector Matthew was very thorough and very knowledgeable. He showed up at least an hour early prior to the inspection appointment and quickly got started. He did not hesitate to answer any questions and explained everything with great attention to detail. We also got the report back the same day. We are very happy campers!
EJ T – 4/22/16

Hello Trent, Thank you very much for your quick response and the time you spent with us yesterday explaining the various issues with this property.
Your report appears to be very thorough. Thank you. This will be invaluable when we are discussing repairs with the electrician, roofer and plumber etc…
Dave – 3/9/16

My husband and I want to thank you very much for your patience, your profession, and your ability to humor an anxious buyer! We found your report very thorough and helpful with our buying decision.
Camille and Timothy – 1/7/16

Dear Brian, Thanks for the report and thanks for making the time to get the inspection done. Mark highly recommended your service and therefore I did not hesitate to contact you.
Best Regards
Tarun – 12/28/15

Hi Brian, Thank you very much for the report and for responding so quickly to get the inspection done!  I’m still reviewing but will let you know if I have any questions.
Merry Christmas!
Jodi – 12/23/15

Texan Inspection Services was highly recommended by a friend for our new build. Our inspector – Brent Turnage – was on time and he performed a very thorough inspection of our house. He spent about 2-2 1/2 hours checking all the sections of the house (appliances, vents, framework, roof, walls, exterior, etc.) His efficiency and knowledge were very evident in his explanation and detailed report. He documented all his findings and explained all the issues/concerns that I wasn’t even aware of! He answered all the questions and also provided tips on what to expect/look out for in future. I highly recommend Texan inspection for your home inspection!
Ashwin Cholpadi – 12/13/15

We used Texan Inspection Services when we purchased our home. We have used them several times since then to check for moisture behind drywall, using their infrared thermography equipment. They have always been extremely professional, thorough and informative. We highly recommend them.
Debra Gordon – 12/7/15

It was worth getting the inspection done. The inspector pointed out several fixes required and why which may have been missed otherwise. Very professional and timely.
Manish Kejriwal – 11/3/15

This was a first home purchase and I was not familiar with the inspection process. Bonnie answered all of my questions and was very helpful while making the appointment. She provided me with a lot of information regarding the status of the home to make sure the inspector would only have to come out once and prevent a second appointment and additional charge. Brian was our inspector and was extremely thorough in his inspection. He did an excellent job explaining his findings and made several suggestions that will be beneficial to a first time homebuyer like me. I would definitely recommend their services to someone else and plan to use them again if their services are needed.
Brittany Bergeron – 10/20/15

By the way, I’ve had a client that used Texan Inspections Services for two other properties and they did a great job. My clients were very happy with them. You made a great choice!
Talk to you soon,
Rachel – 9/30/15

Big thanks to everyone, especially Brent, in helping us get our house ready and up to speed.
Evan – 8/26/15

Thank you! This report is very helpful to me at this point in time. I appreciate your services and professionalism.
Anne – 8/25/15

Good morning, Brian, It was good to see you again yesterday. You did an excellent job yet again. I’ll be sure and share your information with friends in need. I’ll go to the link later and leave a comment. I can’t review the report right now, but I will soon and I’ll follow up with any questions. I hope they’ll fix these items with no challenge.
Have a great day,
Jim – 7/28/15

Thank you Trent. We appreciate how thorough you were with our future home.
Craig – 7/10/15

We purchased a new home and had Matthew come out to do our inspections. He was great and very knowledgeable. Any questions we had he was able to answer and even gave us tips on what to expect and look out for. I highly recommend them. Thank you for your help Matthew.
Erik P. – 6/30/15

Brian has inspected several houses during our house search. On this particular house, he found that the foundation was cracked when no one else noticed. He’s the best!
Kathleen Nichols – 6/9/15

Texan Inspection Service provide us with services for both a frame and completed construction. The licensed inspector was on time and professional. He took the time to review his findings or areas of concern plus we receive a completed report in less than 24 hours. This was helpful because the information was forward to the home builder to review the finding and address any necessary issues. I will recommend Texan Inspection Services to family and friends.
Marysol Chatfield – 5/26/15

Thanks Brian. i really appreciate you going the extra mile and taking care us the same day.
Fraisy George – 5/11/15

Thank you for this final report Trent. We appreciate your diligent work during this new home building process. We will definitely recommend your services to others.
Thank You,
Lyla & Brian – 4/26/15

Professional service, detailed, and competitive pricing. I would high recommend Texan Inspection Services to anyone.
Derrek Barlow – 4/23/15

Brian, We appreciate your hard work this morning and are happy with the results. Thank you again.
Nick and Alyssa – 4/21/15

Matthew Staley did my inspection. He found several things I didn’t know enough to look for. He also found some things, like a leaking sink drain, that are easy enough to check, but most people probably wouldn’t. I started out thinking inspection of new construction was not very important. Clearly, with my builder, it was worth the time and expense.
David Webster – 4/10/15

Brian was my inspector on 04/07/2015. He was on time and very professional. He checked out every inch of my new construction home. I would recommend using Texan Inspection for all your inspection needs!
Callie Naquin – 4/9/15

Brian. Thank you very much for excellent service and what we appreciated most was your professionalism, patience, and the extra time you took to answer all of our questions. It was obvious that you were very knowledgeable and that gave us a great deal of confidence.
With Much Appreciation,
Carl and Gloria – 4/2/15

Dear Charles: On behalf of Gulu and myself, I would like to thank you both for your assistance in getting the home inspection performed.
We were tremendously impressed by Charle’s professionalism and thoroughness.
I also appreciate the time Charles took to discuss with me the results of the inspection.
Best wishes,
Gulu and Sarosh – 2/23/15

I can’t remember if I said “thank you” but working with you both and dear Brent, have been one of the few happy issues that I have dealt with at my new residence.
Again, thank you for being so good in what you do because the construction manager used Brent’s report to “fix” things.
I hope to see you sometime in Fort Bend County.
Thank you,
Mary Jo – 1/20/15

Trent, Thanks for your time, professionalism, and for walking us through your findings.  I will let you know of any questions.  Have a good night.
Will – 10/23/14

Unfortunately we decided not to proceed with the house that Charles inspected for us. By the way, really appreciated the inspection & feedback on the day by Charles, please do pass onto his line manager that we were very impressed by him.
Paul – 8/20/14

Hello Mathew, Thank you very much for taking time in performing the inspection and explaining the findings. The report looks great! I will definitely recommend Texan Inspection to anyone that comes across in need to perform an inspection for their home. Thanks!
Kenny – 7/25/14

Brian, Thank you very much for your service. I really appreciate your kindness and quality of work.
Have a relaxing weekend!
Xiaopeng / Fan – 7/11/14

Thanks for doing such a thorough job, I never would have seen what you’re inspector observed!!!!!
Alex & Margaret – 4/23/14

Thanks for everything! Matt did an outstanding job.
Rocco – 2/17/14