The latest in drone roof inspection technology

We understand that the condition of the roof is a very important piece of information to a homebuyer. Many roofs cannot be reached or walked by inspectors so they try to inspect with binoculars. In order to provide our clients with the most thorough inspection, we utilize drones for roof inspections when the inspector cannot physically walk the roof and location and weather conditions allow. This allows us to see and photograph each part of the roof for your piece of mind.

Please be aware that some conditions may prevent us from being able to conduct a drone inspection on your home. We must comply with FAA drone regulations and can only operate them where drone activity is allowed. For example, your home must not be within 5 miles of an airport, etc. There must also be enough area around the home and far enough from trees to allow safe operation. Weather conditions can also dictate whether drone inspections are possible.

Drone Roof Inspection Video

This video is an example of a real drone inspection. It illustrates the roof damage a drone can detect, showing damage due to tree branches rubbing up against the roof.

Drone Roof Damage Photos

Some photos taken from service calls using a drone to identify roof damage.