Home Damage: Exposed Structural Lumber

An exterior inspection is essential to spot those "out of sight" issues.During a recent inspection, we found exposed structural lumber due to missing exterior trim. Prolonged exposure to the outdoor elements could cause significant problems down the road.Need help identifying problems before they happen? Give us a call at 281-342-5762.

2022-08-22T14:51:38-05:00July 27th, 2022|Home Inspection|

Home Damage: Missing AC Wall Sealant

Exterior wall penetrations must be adequately sealed to prevent bigger issues.Our inspector found missing sealant at the ac refrigerant line wall penetration. Installing a proper sealant helps prevent outside air from leaking into a home. It also prevents cool air generated by the air conditioner from leaking out of the cracks around the unit.Call one [...]

2022-08-22T14:52:44-05:00July 27th, 2022|Home Inspection|

Home Damage: Missing Counter Caulking

An easy fix now or a costly fix later! Our inspector found missing caulking between the wall and the countertop at the bathroom sink.It's important to caulk around a bathroom vanity to keep water from entering through the cracks, which could damage cabinets and walls. Caulking also prevents costly mold issues.Let one of our inspectors [...]

2022-08-22T14:54:19-05:00July 27th, 2022|Home Inspection|

Home Damage: Missing Light Fixture

An oversight by the builder? We found a missing light fixture in the back porch area during a recent home inspection. Not only is this a safety hazard, but it’s also a security hazard. Porch lights are critical to your home's security!Call us today to schedule your inspection at 281-342-5762.

2022-08-22T14:54:52-05:00July 27th, 2022|Home Inspection|

Benefits of FLIR in Home Inspections

What’s behind those walls and ceilings? When it comes to home inspections, it’s important to find a team who utilize the most advanced technology to thoroughly inspect a home. Our licensed inspectors can monitor and diagnose potential problems not visible to the human eye through infrared thermography and drone roof inspection. For instance, we were [...]

2022-05-11T09:33:19-05:00May 6th, 2022|Home Inspection|

Home Damage: Deteriorated Window Seal

A Texan Home Inspection inspector recently took this photo of a deteriorated window seal. This condition on a double pane window causes the window to lose its energy efficiency and allow air flow into the home. If you’re wondering what your home is made of, give us a call at (281) 342-5762. [...]

2022-04-29T10:28:48-05:00April 29th, 2022|Home Inspection|

Home Damage: Fake New Roof

Here are some pictures from an inspection this morning showing improper roof covering installation/flashing on what the seller claimed to be a "NEW" roof. In fact, it was just an old roof painted over! If you're wondering what your home is made of, give us a call at (281) [...]

2021-11-23T09:38:32-06:00November 23rd, 2021|Home Inspection|

Home Damage: Corroded Water Heater

A Texan Inspection employee recently found this while checking out a home. This corroded water heater wasn't any more than four years old, which surprised us. Typically water heaters that decay are much older. So even if you have a new water heater, make sure to check it for leaks! In general, check 'em [...]

2021-11-10T13:45:18-06:00November 10th, 2021|Home Inspection|

Home Damage: Visible Wall Trim Damage

Our Texan Inspection Home Inspector reported that there was no active moisture in the wall of this home he was inspecting, however he was confident that it was related to previous moisture damage. The damage was located directly below a window, showing evidence of leakage. In case you’d like to know [...]

2021-11-09T15:38:08-06:00November 9th, 2021|Home Inspection|

Home Damage: Missing Furnace Flue Pipe

Recently, one of our home inspectors found a missing furnace flue pipe while checking out a new construction. This part is a vital component of a home's heating system, used for space & water heating. These flue pipes are used to safely vent the exhaust and combustion byproducts of a home, [...]

2021-11-09T15:29:57-06:00November 4th, 2021|Home Inspection|

Home Damage: Exterior Door Installed Backwards

Don't let this happen to you! One of our inspectors recently found this rear exterior door installed backwards with the hinges facing the exterior. This is more than just an odd-looking mistake; doors are meant to be put in a certain way, and a wrong installation can affect the functionality [...]

2021-07-26T13:34:00-05:00July 26th, 2021|Home Inspection|