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Annual Home Maintenance Checklist

Maintain Your Home Throughout the Year Click Image for Full Size Printable PDF Texan Inspection Services, L.L.P. recommends homeowners do a number of maintenance items on a regular basis to keep their home safe and in good condition. Doing this also increases the resale value of your home and minimizes unexpected expenses when you [...]

2019-11-25T12:51:26-06:00November 25th, 2019|Helpful Home Tips, Home Inspection, Home Selling Tips|

Heat Pump vs. Conventional Air Conditioner

What Houston Area Homebuyers Need to Know Heat pump vs. conventional air conditioner? Houston area homebuyers have a choice to make when it comes to cooling and heating their new homes. Heat pump vs. conventional air conditioner? Which should you choose? What is the difference? What are the benefits of each? A general understanding [...]

2019-06-27T15:47:27-05:00June 27th, 2019|Helpful Home Tips, Home Inspection|

Home Inspection Mistakes to Avoid

As a home buyer, searching for a house can be an exhausting experience. But it is critical to take your time and be diligent in vetting your new home before making such a substantial commitment. We recently read an article that highlights the importance of the home inspection during the house buying process and [...]

2018-07-23T13:43:27-05:00July 24th, 2018|Home Inspection|

Houston Area Home Inspectors Use Drones and Thermal Imaging for a Thorough Home Inspection

Houston Area Home Inspectors Use Drones and Thermal Imaging for a Thorough Home Inspection If you are in the process of buying a home, using quality information acquired from drones and thermal imaging scans can be paramount in learning the condition of the home. All inspections involving a residential real estate transaction are regulated [...]

2018-12-13T17:16:22-06:00February 26th, 2018|Home Inspection, Technology|

Water Heater Inspection – Flushing Tips

Texan Inspection looks very closely at your home's water heater during our home inspection process. A thorough water heater inspection is an integral part of the services we perform. If natural gas or propane is the energy source, our inspector looks for gas cut off valves present and confirms that the unit is properly [...]

2018-11-12T15:30:19-06:00August 2nd, 2017|Helpful Home Tips|

Toilet Inspection – Adjusting Toilet Fill Valve

While conducting your home inspection, Texan Inspection will inspect toilets to verify proper operation. Toilets require maintenance in order to flush properly and refill the tank reservoir. This can greatly reduce the amount of water used which saves you money and is environmentally friendly. If not properly maintained, toilets can be a potential leak hazard [...]

2017-08-02T11:14:37-05:00May 31st, 2017|Helpful Home Tips|

Houston AC Inspection and Condenser Maintenance

Our home inspectors pay careful attention to the AC unit during a pre-purchase home inspection. Our hot Houston summers can take a toll on AC units that are not well maintained. An important part of the system that is often neglected by home owners is the AC condenser. This should always be inspected before purchasing [...]

2017-08-02T11:15:32-05:00March 16th, 2017|Helpful Home Tips|

Home Selling Tips

Is Your Home Physically Fit? To give your home a competitive edge when it's time to sell, make sure it is in good physical condition. This not only makes your home more attractive and desirable, it also simplifies the negotiation process when the time comes for the buyer's pre-purchase inspection. According to home inspection [...]

2018-11-12T15:17:37-06:00February 7th, 2017|Home Selling Tips|


Termites Buyers: If you’re buying a home, your lending institution might ask, "Is there any structural damage? How much damage is there?" You, too, will most likely wish to have answers to those questions. We can help provide the answers. Sellers: We can tell you if the home you’re selling has termite damage and/or [...]

2019-04-10T12:32:57-05:00February 7th, 2017|Home Dangers, Home Selling Tips|
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