Photo of improper drainage connection for drain in a sink in an outdoor kitchen found by home inspectors Texan Inspection.

During a recent home inspection conducted by Texan Inspection, we uncovered a sink drain that was improperly connected to the sewer drain.
This is a concerning issue that could impact the value of your property and how it functions.

Outdoor Kitchen Sink Drain Improperly Connected

We discovered that the Outdoor Kitchen Sink Drain was improperly connected to the sanitary sewer drains and it was draining directly into the ground!
This kind of finding is a prime example of the many big and small issues our thorough inspections can identify.
We provide crucial insights for home buyers and sellers alike.

Our team of expert inspectors is committed to ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of your property. We will pinpoint any potential concerns that could affect your decision-making process and your future investments.

Don’t let these hidden issues take you by surprise. Our home inspection team will help you navigate this crucial step with confidence.

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