Photo of Garage Door Manual Lock not Disabled when Used with Garage Door Opener found on a recent home inspection by Texan Inspection home inspectors.

Texan Inspection, your trusted home inspectors all across the Houston area, recently uncovered a concerning problem during an inspection:
A Garage Door Manual Lock that was not Disabled when used with Garage Door Opener


During a recent home inspection by Texan Inspection, a crucial finding was uncovered: the Garage Door Manual Lock was not disabled while being used with the Garage Door Opener.  Not only could this be a huge safety issue, but it also could be a security risk, cause damage from wear and tear on the garage door mechanism, and result in costly repairs.  Texan Inspection’s certified home inspectors are thorough inside your home and throughout your garage, outdoor spaces, and beyond.  Call our Houston Area certified home inspectors at Texan Inspection and schedule an appointment for a home inspection today at 281-342-5762 or book an appointment online  HERE!