In this video from Texan Inspection, learn how to check your home for a cracked foundation.

Video Transcript

Hi I’m Trent with Texan inspection services to talk to you that today about foundations.

Real quick let me show you something that I found on a house I did today, it’s a crack in the foundation, now everybody wants to know when they’re buying a house, “is one of the most important parts is if my foundation functioning or is it not” and a crack by itself especially like this doesn’t tell us the whole story.

There’s no other indication of any movement on this house on the outside but on the inside there is. We’ve got cracked tiles, we’ve got cracked sheetrock, we’ve got all that evidence that we have to put together and from experience know whether or not this is something that that points to excessive foundation movement because let’s be honest every foundation moves, every foundation moves it just depends on how much and in this case because of the evidence that I found inside the house as well as this little crack right here we’re gonna say “that no I don’t believe that this foundation is functioning the way it’s supposed to” and that’s really important to know for my buyer.

That’s all we have for today we’ll talk to you next time.
– Trent, Texan Inspection